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New Works Gallery

Dark Fairies

Snakes, spiders, night creatures. Oh my. The series is about strength to just be.

Blue Mermaids

I could see this series in my mind for a while. The silver, turquoise, precious lapis lazuli and fire. Sometimes I have no idea why, or how my paintings come to being.

Klimt Mermaids

I have always been fascinated by Klimt, his take on his time and life digested and spit out as literal gold on canvas. There is something magical about his use of imagery and patterns.

Floridian Fauna and Flora

A celebration of Floridian wildlife

Animals, Still Life & Landscapes

Pet portraits, still life, just because I can paint realism.


My take on the dragons


Got a little bored with the typical representations, sometime you just need a different take on same venerated story.


My other hobby.

Pool of Dreams

I have had the sketches for a year or two now, I am personally very curious where this will go.

Klimt mermaid with Goldfish

This was the first of the series of the Klimt mermaids.  12 x16 oil paint on canvas. Idea behind it was weightlessness and ocean life.

Blue mermaid with the moon

Blue mermaid and the moon. Golden hair mermaid looking at reflection of the moon below her. It is a relatively large painting 24 x 36 inches, oil on canvas. I have also used silver leaf for some of her tail scales.

Floridian flamingos with bird of paradise flowers

There are some joyous colors combinations out there, but I personally think a coral pink and powdery green really takes the cake. The painting is just fun. This is large 36 x 48 inches oil on canvas.